About us Website www.zippoclick.com

First of all, Website www.zippoclick.com would like to thank you for visiting our website and have the same zippo passion as us.We would like to introduce a few words about our store and our working motto.

Zippoclick.com is quite a new name in the business as well as Zippo players in Hanoi, but not so that we lose the character of a zippo lighter enthusiast. give customers genuine zippo lighters genuine, brand new fullbox 100%, does not provide fake goods of poor quality. And especially we will give a lifetime warranty for the product you have purchased (the thing Product conditions for a lifetime warranty).

About us Website www.zippoclick.com
About us Website www.zippoclick.com

About us Website www.zippoclick.com highlight value

Absolutely only sell real, 100% genuine Zippo USA genuine box. Do not provide fake goods, defective goods, non-official goods..v.v ..
Credibility and Quality are our survival. Be prepared to compensate for any fakes.
Passion is the motto of our sales. When you come to zippovn.com, you will get good products at very reasonable prices. In addition, you are also enthusiastically consulted by people who understand zippo.
We always put ourselves in the position of our customers so we can understand customer psychology in the best way.