Zippo celebrates 50 years that humans have set foot on the moon

The collection entitled “Moon Landing 50 Years” with 14,000 lighters is introduced worldwide.

On July 20, 1969, the Apollo 11 space flight successfully landed on the moon with two American astronauts. This is one of the great strides of humanity in the field of space research, marking the first time humans set foot on the moon.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the man landing on the moon, Zippo brand launched the 2019 BST with the theme “Moon Landing 50 Years” dedicated to Apollo 11 space flight.

The 2019 collection is dedicated by Zippo to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first time humans set foot on the moon.

A Zippo representative said that with the 2019 collection, Zippo has only 14,000 global referrals. The limited number of production and numbering from 1 to 1,400 on the back is the highlight of the unique product.

What is the Zippo red stamp?

The red stamp is more accurate than the orange to attract the attention of users, this is a type of safety warning labels, especially for children, the contents of warning labels are as follows:


Keep out of reach of CHILDREN
This lighter has no function of preventing children
Keep away from face when the lighter is on
Read the directions carefully before use
This orange label only serves as a warning function, not a basis for identifying genuine products, affixed to Zippo lighters when retailing to the US domestic market, according to local regulations.

Zippo products exported outside the US do not have this type of label affixed, safety information is available in the accompanying user manual.

What is Zippo Armor?

Zippo Armor product line is becoming more and more popular and favored by lighters. Let’s find out why the Armor series has such a special attraction!

“Armor” in English means armor. As the name implies, armor armor is definitely a solid armor for Zippo lighter lighter with 1.5 times the thickness of ordinary lighter. The thick Armor helps to protect the lighter from bumps, a firm grip and gives a special flipping sound.

Learn about Zippo cigarette lighters

The cigarette lighter lighter is manufactured to the same high quality standards as other lighters, but is designed to meet the special needs of pipe smokers. Ingenious intestine design envelops the flame in the metal circle, helping the fire can be transmitted directly through the pipe, lighting cigarettes quickly without harming the pipe.

You can disassemble the chimney cap part of the cigarette lighter lighter intestine if desired. Just slide your thumb under the edge of both ends and lift up. This makes it easy to trim or replace wicks.

Leading zippo lighters in Hanoi

Although we are the authorized Zippo lighter business establishment authorized by Zippo Manufacturing Company since 2012, it does not mean that in Hanoi we are the exclusive location to distribute this unique lighter. With the extremely high demand of users especially in recent years, Zippo business locations have not grown, which is in response to the tastes of customers on the other hand also according to Zippo’s universal policy. The company has set a branch for Zippo Vietnam.

To be able to satisfy your passion, as well as help you have more choices for yourself today would like to list some of Zippo lighters trading places in Hanoi which are reputable and The best quality

How to adjust Zippo fire for a beautiful flame and save gas

Playing Zippo is a man’s pleasure. The animals are sometimes quite odd, but for whatever reason, when they finally fall in love, people will find ways to satisfy it. The beauty of being artistic is that people demand beauty, and Zippo is no exception. For example, how to make your fire beautiful.

The way to adjust the Zippo fire for a beautiful flame is definitely interested in many Zip players, especially newbies, young boys or those who need to re-understand the concept of beauty in flames. Nothing complicated, let the genuine Zippo shop help you solve this problem encapsulated in this article.

How to handle zippo in water for beginners

Zippo lighters are pocket-sized devices that you always carry with you, so forgetting to soak them in the washing machine, soaking in rainwater or drinking coffee with water … is also normal. Zippo is immersed in water with the new players is probably a terrible story, the Zippo soaked for 1 hour in the washing machine completely lost the ability to ignite, not to mention affecting the aesthetic structure and accessories. Event, water is an enemy with fire sky, that surely everyone knows.

So what should be done to handle the zippo in water so that it can retain its original quality and be simple? Let Zippo Fine Shop give you this secret

Instructions for handling Zippo has loose intestine and shell

Zippo is loose and the shell is often encountered when you buy a new Zippo lighter to use. It is not a fault, it is simply an unavoidable part of Zippo manufacturing and assembly, and just like illnesses there are remedies, zippo problems, we will have a solution. . Brothers and sisters Zippo Fine shop surgery a Zippo brother to be able to find a method to handle this problem thoroughly and simply.

What causes zippo not to fire and how to fix it

Zippo lighters are famous for their ability to catch fire and hold the perfect fire, existed for nearly nine decades this line of lighters has brought itself millions of followers thanks to that unique ability. But that ability is not forever, any material is influenced by time and zippo is no exception. Zippo cars, however high-end, will sometimes get sick, and in order to overcome the zippo, it does not light up, let’s find out the reason why it is so and fix it. Today Zippo Fine Shop will take a look at you with some sickness symptoms that make Zippo’s fire not appear. Find out …

Looking for the most expensive Zippo lighter in the world today

After more than 85 years of establishment and development, Zippo Manufacturing Company has produced hundreds of millions of Zippo lighters with all different designs, types and uses to create a giant brand of lighters without injury. any brand can match. For the believers of this magical fire, a lighter they own is a story with respect and affection and experiences that no one has, because of the external value of material The moral value is the true value of a Zippo lighter. But for collectors, the value of a Zippo is entirely on the rarity, and the ownership that everyone wants to raise a Zippo to a price that many people are also surprised.

Today, by the way, telling the value story of a Zippo Shop will join you on a journey to find the most expensive Zippo lighter in the world, we don’t want to prove anything, simply We just want to let you and your friends know that with Zippo passion of the believers in the world it is out of material value because so many of you will definitely be shocked at the order. We give below.